Are Herschel Backpacks Water Proof?

Are Herschel Backpacks Waterproof?

Many of you wish to have water proof backpack to completely protect yourself from any troubles as you go for a hiking trip or simple hustle outdoors throughout your day. But the big question remains – Are Herschel backpacks water proof?

No! They are not. But they are water resistant which gives you pretty much of a cover against most of the situations you may face while using one on a regular basis. They have a Weather Resistant TPE coating – a matter coating that helps give a cover against water exposure and weather.

What’s the difference between water proof and water resistant?

Water Proof: These are materials that impenetrable by water. No matter how much pressure or time the water applies on it, it would not simply cross the barrier. Also, the outer fabric is also not just what makes a backpack water poof, all of its other features like zipper and pockets are also designed in a way to fool proof the bag from any liquid penetration. They have certain tapings and welding across its seams to prevent water from penetrating, while also having some extra layer of protection under the zippers.

They typically have a layer of polyvinyl chloride that resists water from penetrating through the fabric, leaving the insides completely dry. Other fabrics like polyester and polyurethane also serves the purpose of being water proof.

Water Resistant: These are on the other hand provide a degree of protection against water or any liquid exposure. After a certain period of exposure and applied pressure, the water will seep into the very material or the backpack. It also repels good amount of moisture to keep the items fairly safe and dry inside. Certain coating on fabrics like polyurethane makes them water resistant.

A light rainfall, a small splash or water and little steam and moisture can be easily deterred by water resistant materials. In usual routine, the amount of water protection we may need to keep our electronics or books safe inside the backpack, the water resistant fabrics does the job well. Hence you can fairly consider buying a water-proof backpack for your daily needs.

What more to do?

Herschel backpacks also come with waterproof covers that could easily fit inside the bag and can be used to cover the backpack in case of heavy rain or any other hazard with intense water exposure like crossing a stream or placing it near a swimming pool.

You can also buy any rain cover and keep it in your bag to ensure complete protection against all sorts of weather while enjoying the style of Herschel backpacks.

We have attached a few rain covers to buy below.

1. Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover, 40L

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2. HYCOPROT Waterproof Rain Cover, Ultralight with Reflective

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Generally, rain covers are easy to fit in one’s backpack and are always there to protect you against all weathers. Another benefit they bring is that they keep the backpack clean throughout and its quite easy to wash a rain cover after its use as compared to cleaning a backpack.

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