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There are a great number of 50 liter backpack options, making it a very popular choice for travelling, hiking, and trekking. For air travel in particular, it is important to check the maximum legal carry-on luggage allowed for air travel as most official guidelines do not allow 50 liters as carry-on luggage. The 50L options because of its spaciousness offers you the convenience to pack heavily if you’re visiting a warm climate area. However, you would have to pack lightly and carefully if visiting a cooler climate. Moreover, for hiking, trekking, or backpacking trips of around three days, 50L are rather adequate for clothing, camping gear, and food for the trail.

Factors to consider:

To help you decide the best 50 liter backpack for your specific needs, the following set of factors could be a useful guide:

Frame Type

Backpacks can be classified on the basis of frames as well. Mainly, there are three such types: internal-frame backpacks, external-frame backpacks, and frameless backpacks. Internal-frame packs are body-hugging backpacks designed to keep the structure hidden inside the back panel. As such, the backpack is suitably adjusted to your body such that you remain stable on uneven, off-kilter terrain.

External-frame backpacks on the other hand, have an outside structure that supports the load – for instance, aluminum hardware. An external frame backpack can be helpful if one is carrying irregularly shaped luggage like a tent. These frames also offer great ventilation.

Frameless backpacks are ultralight backpacks for hikers who prefer to hike fast. However, frameless backpacks can be really uncomfortable for heavier luggage.


While internal-frame backpacks are great from the point of view of comfort, mobility, and versatility, they can lead to sweaty backs. Regardless, various such backpacks feature a suspended mesh back panel which provides sufficient ventilation to ward off the sweatiness. This panel is also referred to as a tension-mesh suspension because of its trampoline-like design because some distance is maintained between the person and the backpack, whose back instead rests against the highly ventilated mesh panel. Similarly, other backpacks have ventilation channels to help with this issue.

Backpack Fit

From the point of view of health and safety, this particular feature is perhaps the most important to watch out for. A well-fitted backpack will not place any uneven weight on your body which could be potentially harmful for your back. There are various features that include the right fit but the two most important are torso length and hip circumference. For instance, some backpacks are available in a range of sizes of torso lengths. However, this can largely depend on manufacturer and gender. Most product descriptions include these as essential features or provide an adjustable suspension, such that the backpack can be modified to your torso.

Moreover, waist size can also be a useful factor to consider. More specifically, women-specific and youth-specific designs for backpacks are also available. Similarly, for improved adjustment, sternum and load-lifter straps are sometimes present as additional features to improve your backpack fit.

Keeping these three factors in mind, browse through the following backpack products to decide which one is the best 50L backpack for your next travel plan.

Rain Cover

Most travel backpacks come with a rain cover as hikes and treks can involve unprecedented or precedented rains. Unless one is extremely sure of the climate, it is always better to say prepared with and opt for a travel backpack that comes with a rain cover to protect the material.

Our Product Recommendations

  1. Osprey Sirrus 50 Women’s Backpack
  2. Kelty Redwing 50
  3. Osprey Atmos AG 50 Men’s Backpack
  4. Mountaintop 50L
  5. Deuter ACT Lite
  6. Ytonet travel backpack
  7. Mammut Trion Spine 50

1. Osprey Sirrus 50 Women’s Backpack

This woman-specific backpack with a capacity of 50 L comes with an adjustable torso length fitting, a ventilated back panel with adjustable shoulder harness, and an integrated and removable raincover. Before we get to other features, the ones described above provide great support and comfort to the back as well as adequate ventilation. Adding to this is a thick padded hip built to keep the backpack securely harnessed to you. Similarly, the rain cover can be really useful for an unexpected rain or if one is visiting a rainy climate. Lastly, this Osprey backpack is made out of durable and long lasting nylon.


  1. Great ventilation
  2. Long Lasting and durable material
  3. Torso-length adjustability
  4. Rain cover


  1. Side pockets do not have zippers.

2. Kelty redwing 50

The most prominent feature of the Kelty Redwing 50 backpack is its frame-structure. It is an internal-frame backpack fitted with a feature Kelty suspension fit that depends on a centrally positioned aluminium stay on the back. This allows for an adjustable torso length in the range 15.5-21 inches. Moreover, this suspension fit also allows you to adjust the torso length while you are wearing the backpack. Apart from its great adjustability, the backpack also comes with two great zipper side pockets, keeping your belongings safe and secure while you are atop hilly and uneven terrain.


  1. Adjustable torso-length
  2. Zippered pockets
  3. Adjustable sternum strap
  4. Hydration compatible
  5. Lightweight
  6. Reasonably priced


  1. No rain cover
  2. No bottom compartment

3. Osprey Atmos AG 50 Men’s Backpack

There are various noteworthy features about this backpack. It comes with a unique suspension system known as the anti-gravity (AG) suspension system. This is a tension-mesh design that provides you great support and the option of adjusting the torso length. Adding to the adjustability of the backpack is the unique feature on the hip belt: a fit-on-the-fly adjustability component. Moreover, even while they have a 50 liter backpack option, other size choices are also available. An internal hydration reservoir sleeve is also present which can store up to three liters of water. However, this is sold separately. Lastly, it is a lightweight backpack providing mobility to a hiker.


  1. Adjustable fitting
  2. Excellent ventilation
  3. Extremely comfortable
  4. Comfortable straps


1. Can’t carry very heavy loads.

4. Mountaintop 50L

Among the most affordable brands with a keen regard for aesthetic design, Mountaintop’s 50L backpack offers a host of useful features from padded hip belts, plenty of pockets, water resistant coating fabric to really great back support. The nylon material provides durable material. The product is available in a range of colors and has some incredible features such as a top cover, a pull over rain cover, top and bottom pockets, as well as trekking pole attachments. Adding to these features is an adjustable hip belt, as well as a three-liter hydration compartment.


  1. Water-resistant material
  2. Waterproof covers
  3. Durable and long-lasting material
  4. Stylish and fashionable product
  5. Very reasonable priced


  1. Lesser storage options.

5. Deuter ACT Lite

This backpack provides a good balance between comfort, weight, and ventilation. It also offers flexibility with an additional 10-liter capacity. The Deuter Air Contact Lite backpack is sturdy and therefore perfect for heavier loads. The hip belt is much wider than is usual for hiking backpacks and supports and distributes weight efficiently adding to the comfort of the backpack. More so, it is adjustable in terms of load, and an additional ten liters of volume can be created by the expandable top portion of the main compartment. As such, this innovative Aircontact Lite back system makes heavy loads more manageable.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Comfortable and adjustable
  3. Well-organized and compartmentalized
  4. Quality material
  5. Spacious


  1. No front zippers

6. Ytonet travel backpack

Water resistance, a padded back, lockable zippers, an external USB charging port, an anti-theft pocket, and a luggage strap are some of the great features of this travel backpack. Moreover, the warranty feature is particularly unique such that one can get a free replacement if one’s backpack breaks. Spacious and made out of comfortable nylon material, this travel backpack is ideal for tourists who want to explore the countryside areas, students who travel often, etc. More so, this travel backpack also comes with a laptop sleeve and as such is a truly multipurpose backpack with incredible features.


  1. Large capacity and organized
  2. Sturdy, safe, and secure.
  3. Multipurpose


  1. Not suitable for all 17″ laptops.

7. Mammut Trion Spine 50

This backpack stands out because of its accessibility provided by the extra-large zipper which makes it really convenient to access the gear. Provided with ample inner and outer pockets for safety, there is plenty of room and the backpack is well-compartmentalized. Made of water-resistant fabric, this backpack is ideal for hikes that could get rainy. Moreover, it is lightweight and rather reasonably priced.


  1. Has a height adjustable flap
  2. Internal and external pockets
  3. Comfortable with medium loads


  1. Can be a little heavy.


In summary, deciding the best 50 liter backpack really depends on your specific needs from the product. While durability is a strong and important factor, other factors such as frame type of the backpack might be a more important consideration for you. Similarly, you might not require a backpack with a rain cover depending on the climate you are visiting. While longstanding brands like Osprey have a reputation for quality products, other brands have some really great options to choose from as well.

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