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Gaming laptops are probably among the coolest tech devices one can own. However, they come at a heavy cost and their maintenance requires the same. For one, they are heavier than the average laptop. Moreover, they come with much more accessories that are both expensive and precious. Therefore, not only is it the laptop that needs to be kept with utmost care but also its various accessories and features. This usually means that one opts for more spacious and roomy backpacks, but a few other factors such as backpack material and comfort are also essential to weigh in on.

As a gamer, your gaming laptop is extremely precious to you. Such an expensive device is a huge investment, and you want to keep it safe while having the freedom and mobility to carry it around. Before looking at the list of the best backpack for gamers, it is advised to read through factors that can help you decide which backpack is the best option for you.

So, what should you look for in a gaming backpack?

Before browsing through the various backpack options available for gaming laptops, consider the factors you need to look out for in each backpack. These factors are essential in keeping your expensive laptop safe such that it lasts longer and moreover, grants you mobility in taking it from one place to another.

1. Storage and Capacity

While minimalist designs are sought after when it comes to travel backpacks, these can work against you when it comes to gaming backpacks. This is because gaming backpacks not only take up more space than a usual laptop, they also come with a lot more accessories and features that require additional storage space. For this reason, backpacks with ample pockets to organize the various accessories are a good option.

2. Backpack Comfort

Gaming laptops are heavy and bothersome to carry around. The backpack feature to watch out for this particular feature are the straps. Comfortable straps make the job easier. You will need supportive and well cushioned straps that can be adjusted according to preference to make the backpack a comfortable fit according to your body’s weight and size.

Apart from shoulder straps, chest and waist straps are also good add-ons. Lastly, lightweight backpacks can help decrease the load and grant you even more mobility. Most gamers also have a console apart from the laptop. This, too, demands a roomy and spacious backpack.

3. Backpack Material

It goes without saying that durability is extremely important for gaming backpacks. You will need a product that can bear the laptop’s weight and also protect your expensive laptop. For this, it’s important to watch out for the stitching on the backpack, to check if it is complete and reinforced. Lastly, waterproof features are usually a good option too. If these features are not available, make sure the backpack comes with a rain cover at least.

Our recommendations for best backpack for gaming:

1. Asus Republic of Gamers XRanger

Designed to safely transport some of the heaviest gaming laptops, the Asus Republic of Gamers XRanger can easily fit in a laptop up to 17.3 inches. The safety is ensured by padding and an additional suspended sleeve design that protects your laptop from hitting the ground when you may keep the backpack down.

The main section is quite spacious and comes with a headphone strap as well as labeled accessory pockets for a camera, mouse, keyboard, and cables. Apart from these pockets, there is a front organizer compartment, two side compartments as well as a mesh water bottle pockets. The straps also have a phone pocket and a detachable key ring. Apart from being roomy and spacious, the backpack also has adjustability features which include a sternum strap and a hip belt that can assist you in comfortably distributing the weight.


  1. 42 liter storage volume
  2. Adjustability features: sternum strap and hip belt
  3. Suspended laptop sleeve


  1. Weak water bottle compartment

2. Targus Steel-series gaming backpack

When it comes to safety of your equipment, the Targus Steelseries gaming backpack makes no compromises. Equipped with zippered pockets and a SafePort sling suspension to keep your laptop safe regardless of the movement of the backpack, this backpack is designed to keep your laptop and all its gadgets safe and secure. Moreover, it also comes with detachable pouches that can be used independent from the backpack.

Not only is it a safe and secure backpack option, it is also a spacious one, having an abundant volume capacity of 29 liters. Moreover, its durable and robust material make it an ideal option to be used under different weather conditions. Adding to this is its integrated rain cover. Lastly, its sternum straps and ventilated back panels allow for an adjustable and comfortable fit.


  1. Integrated rain cover
  2. Detachable pouches
  3. Adjustability features


  1. Some of the storage packets can be small.

3. Acer Predator M-Utility 1680D Ballistic Laptop Backpack

This backpack sets a confident and impressive tone that goes completely in line with its set of valuable features. What is really impressive about this backpack is the amount of bulk storage it offers along with a padded and dedicated compartment that can easily fit in 17 inch laptops. This, along with a set of full-body zippers go hand in hand with making this backpack a very practical and useful option.

Moving on, this backpack also has many dedicated and customizable compartments that are designed to carry different kinds of gaming hardware and consoles. Moreover, along with the laptop compartment is present a removable organizational divider box, a number of pockets, and metal buckles for heavy gear. This backpack also comes with a number of extra attachment points such that some luggage may be carried outside the backpack. These options come in particularly handy for carrying additional luggage like sleeping bags, tripods, jackets, and so on.

The backpack features a water resistant front fabric and waterproof zippers along with breathable air-mesh padding in the back. Along with these, the adjustable shoulder and chest straps also create a comfortable travelling experience. Adding to this is the toughened material at the base which protects the backpack and its contents on rocky terrains.


  1. Durable 1680D fabric and waterproof materials
  2. Breathable back padding
  3. Great storage capacity and organization


  1. Backpack cannot fit under an airplane seat.

4. Razer Rogue

The Razer Rogue is a minimalist design that can easily blend in with a variety of urban settings. It is a convenient backpack option that can also be used as a travel backpack. Its design is both stylish but kept at a minimum which makes it a versatile option.

While it does not fit in bigger gaming laptops, it can work well if you don’t have a lot of accessories along with your main device. The exterior leather material offers it a shiny look while the interior lined with TPU prevents any equipment from being scratched when it is being taken in or out of the backpack, or when it jostles around in the backpack. The backpack also comes with ample padding for its laptop compartment as well as the secondary compartment.

The leather exterior is a durable material and is resistant to wear and tear while also providing sufficient protection against rain. As a frameless backpack, it is quite flexible yet sturdy. Its heavily padded shoulder straps and back panel guarantee comfort and support while the design of the backpack adequately distributes the backpack weight.


  1. Minimalist and contemporary design.
  2. Can withstand various weather conditions
  3. Well-padded to provide adequate comfort and support


  1. Unable to fit larger gaming laptops

5. Lenovo Legion Armored 17 inch Gaming Backpack

For more serious gamers who don’t want to compromise on their laptop or its accessories, the Lenovo Legion Armored Backpack is a great fit.

With three compartments and sixteen pockets, this backpack is abundantly spacious for all possible laptop accessories. An inside latch is also present to hold a headset while the dedicated laptop compartment comes with a high quality bubble foam for additional protection.

Its exterior is equipped with a modified weatherproof vinyl exoskeleton and hard front shell. This feature allows the backpack to be resistant against any weather as well as any movement from daily commuters over public or private transport.

Spacious, organized, weather resistant, this backpack is also designed for comfort and comes with a compression-molded back panel for breathability as well as cushioned adjustable shoulder straps along with a supporting chest buckle for adequate adjustment and weight distribution.


  1. Tough exterior
  2. Great inner padding
  3. Weatherproof
  4. Fits oversized 17 inch laptops


  1. Can be a bit heavier than usual backpacks
  2. Limited exterior pockets

6. Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack

The Mobile Edge Core Gaming backpack is designed keeping in mind the popular gaming laptop options as well as their consoles. For instance, it can easily fit in 17 inch gaming laptops as well as most popular console options.

This backpack comes with a checkpoint friendly design. This translates into features such as a padded laptop compartment that can easily open up. This, along with a fleece lined pouch for tablets and an abundance of interior pockets and zips allow this backpack to hold up plenty of additional accessories or personal items.

The exterior features four side accessory pockets for cables, a phone, a gaming mouse, or water bottles. The interior is pre-wired for a power bank while an external USB ChargePort is also built into the backpack.

This backpack is made out of a water-resistant and sturdy material: ballistic nylon which keeps it safe against various weather conditions. Lastly, the padded air mesh shoulder straps and back panel provide comfort and support, while a padded carry handle and a trolley strap help for convenient travelling.


  1. Fits in most gaming laptops
  2. High storage capacity
  3. Equipped with charging options
  4. Durable and robust quality


  1. Lack of protection for the top part of the laptop that would come in contact with zippers.


In summary, the best backpack for you as a gamer really depends on your gaming laptop and the kind of features you are interested in supporting. There are some really great options available that can help keep your laptop safe and secure.

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