Best Backpack to use as a Diaper

When it comes to parenting, keeping all the baby essentials is the key. You  might be out shopping, visiting a friend or simply going out for grocery, the baby alarm can ring any time and you’d to rush to its aid. Having a well sorted and an organized backpack for babies can be your best armour to tackle this situation. BTG’s best backpack to use as a diaper can help you go through these moments with ease and contentment.

What you should look for

Organization: New-born requires plenty of things for their care and they are all significant because, well, you never know what they may call out for. But it doesn’t stop there, you must carry your own essentials as well, and who would burden their shoulders with two backpacks and a baby to carry everywhere. Hence, our guide would help you fit the best backpack to use as a diaper that can also accommodate your own personal gear.

Comfort: The importance of comfort goes without any emphasis,  whether it’s your clothes, shoes or any daily essential that you’re exposed to for a considerable period. Our strict emphasis on comfort become even more imperative when you are occupied in managing your routine and tending to your baby. We kept a special eye on features like weight, size, ventilation, well-padded shoulders, and posture while choosing the most comfortable backpack to use as a diaper bag. Without adequate focus on comfort, you may end up exhausted earlier or even get a back pain. We draw our learnings from our picks in best backpack for back support to choose the right purchase for you.

Weatherproof Construction: Just like your baby call can present any challenge, and you want to be fully geared up. The weather can pose similar exceptions while you’re hustling through your day. You won’t always be able to avoid downpours hence its only better to be prepared for it and opt for a waterproof backpack to use as a diaper.

Why Buy This

If you’re looking for a budget diaper bag with plenty of basic amenities, Eddie Bauer has it covered in this basic backpack to use as a diaper bag. If you’re baby leaves off some of the milk in the feeder, you can put it in its insulated bottle pockets and allow the milk to stay warm a little longer. It also has a removable changing pad to allow cleaning and seamless diapering.  And to add on to your day long comfort, it has a hybrid convertible style that could be worn in three different ways – hold it by your hand, use the shoulder straps to wear like a backpack and most of all, use its stroller strap to hand it on the stroller. The bag is ideal for a short trip or a day long trip, as its spacious enough to hold all the basic stuff of your baby along with your things.  



1. Affordability

2. Flexibility

3. Storage

1. Inside diaper packet can hold up to 8 diapers.


Why buy this

In budget range, we have picked this marvel for convenience and comfort to help you get along your day confidently. The wide mouth opening gives an easy access to all your belongings inside so that you don’t have to spend too much time in the rummage while you baby is crying to be tended. Its insulated thermal pockets come with Thermal-Flect radiant barrier that will keep the milk bottle warm for hours, and it can hold two bottles. Its portable and padded change mat has Ultra Safe wipe clean surface, to protect your baby’s skin and ensure ultra-hygiene. Columbia has gone another step to ensure hygiene by making its compartment floor in Microban to protect against bacteria and odour. And yes, it can be hung with a stroller to provide better manoeuvrability.

The bag is sufficient to pack stuff for two children or babies if you are taking a day trip with your family, and its ample space allows spacious cover for all the belongings that you may require for a day out. 



1. Ultra-focus on hygiene.

2. Excess storage and organization.

3. Comfortable in carrying.

1. Lack of colour options.


Why buy this

Our third pick, the Chelsea + Cole, best suits if you are looking for design sophistication and versatility in terms of utility. The camouflage exterior print gives it a sturdy look while keeping you geared up to face the day with your baby. It encompasses amazing organizational capability, coming in with 19 pockets to accommodate every little thing can may come across your mind while packing for a long day, and users testify that it can manage stuff for up to three kids. It has a separate zipper pocket for the changing pad, to keep the mess aside from other stuff.  It comes with two separate insulated bottle pockets, and a fine felt-lined small pocket to keep your delicate items like sunglasses or jewellery.

For added versatility, it has rubber feet at the bottom that keeps the bag upright while you fetch through your belongings conveniently, without the annoyance of this lunging towards either side. Users have reviewed and applauded its durability after months of use, citing that no wear or tear was observed. 



1. Extreme organization

2. Durability

3. Convenience

1. Slightly heavy .


Why buy this

Its simple, the chic design it offers with the convenience you’d expect in the array of best backpacks to be used as a diaper bag is unparallel. Its vegan leather gives a smooth sleek finish that you can carry for any occasion and still feel glamourous. But that’s not all it offers! It has 09 pockets for apt organization for its size. Has adjustable straps, stroller straps and an easy access cushioned changing pad to do the deed. The 13l size is small enough to carry on many occasions, yet sufficient to hold many essentials. The large compartment opens wide, nearly completely, making it so easy to grab anything you need and organize all your things effortlessly.



1. Sleek design

2. Leather finish

3. Convenient size

1. Relatively small straps


Why buy this

It gives a fashionable feel to your already occupied routine while moving around with your baby and kids. It impersonates that you can still be chic and voguish while you hustle. As the name suggests, it can surely handle all your needs, beginning with its comfortable straps and a wipe-clean changing pads. The stroller loops allow it to be carried along easily and giving you more versatility as you juggle along your errands. Its light weight only weighs up to 15oz. One unique add-on is a wet wipes box with a lid, that can easily fit in on its side pocket for convenient access while you tend to your baby lying on the changing mat.



1. Vogue style

2. Open access compartment

3. Added wet wipes box

1. Less number of pockets


Why buy this

It gives an almost perfect balance between style and functionality. Its light wight puffer style  can easily be converted to a crossbody bag from a backpack, suiting your changing styles and needs. Its 14 pockets allow ample space and organization. It sounds excellent for travelling, which can be assisted by its luggage strap to hop on to your suitcase. And of course, it has a changing pad, large, insulated bottle compartments, and stroller hooks.

The users loved its versatility and design, admitting how it doesn’t give a feel of a diaper bag whilst giving all those functions, fit for two kids or babies. Users have also reviewed on washing it in the machine and airdrying it, and it was still perfect in its shape and looks. It can even accommodate a 13’’ laptop if you like to check on your work and be accessible. 



1. Extreme versatility

2. Fashionable

3. Lightweight

1. Not large enough for a weekend trip.


Why buy this

Columbia comes again with its sporty and sturdy looking piece in our picks of best backpack to be used as a diaper bag. It’s impeccable in providing apt functionality; the main compartment comes with a thermal bottle holder with Columbia’s Thermal-Flect radiant technology that keeps the item warmer for extended period. It has a keen focus on hygiene, which comes with Ultra Safe wipe clean floor in its main compartment, compelling against bacteria and odour. The portable changing mat also comes with the same Ultra Safe with is extra protected with Microban. 



1. Ultra-Hygiene

2. Sporty look for outdoors

3. High-tech thermal insulation

1. Lack slightly in durability if roughly used.


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