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Are you experiencing the little adventure or not having the right gear for your hiking? Until now, backpacks for plus-size people does not exist, but some brands promised to target the plus-size community by addressing their needs and requirements so that they can enjoy their hikes as others do. Unfortunately, people still consider it difficult but no worries because we are here to cheer you up and advocate some of the most inclusive backpacks possible.

There is always a gap for the plus-size customer when selecting outdoor camping tents, sleeping bags and other necessary hiking gear. Companies are still not looking at their needs beyond a size 12 or 14 with slightly different body curves and contours. Besides all the body positivity debates and Instagram inspirational images, the issues are still yet to discover. The tourism and outdoor industry failed to address the needs of the plus-size hikers who are looking for some exceptional hiking backpacks but cannot always get them.


After finding a market gap, there must be a special plus-size package, but unfortunately, most people don’t see any. However, this blog is an open invitation to plus-sized adventurers because it is the exact time to feel free at your adventures with these best backpacks for plus size. 

Frame type

You must look for internal, external and frameless backpacks. Most of the bags are sold today have an internal frame, which means they have a body-hugging feature. The internal frame has all the structure hidden inside its back panel. While the external frame has a more supported design, especially its outer side is covered by aluminium. However, those who like to have their hike light and fast prefer a frameless backpack known as a climbing pack. Now, it’s up to your preference what you want most. Think and choose wisely because you don’t have to compromise on your comfort. Right?


Some backpacks come with a ventilation feature that helps the bag and your back to breathe. It is the best feature for those who have sweaty back syndrome with mostly comes with internal frame packs that will ride against your body, which is also referred to as tension-mesh suspension.


Another thing that you must consider while buying any backpack is its pocket range. It solely depends on your preferences, but while evaluating any backpack, you must think about the placement and size of the bag because no one likes more petite pockets. Right? For instance, there are multiple pocket varieties, such as shovel pockets are flapped stitched on the front side. In contrast, the elasticised side pockets are mostly flat when they are empty but are highly stretchable to hold any water bottle, tent poles, or product. Compared to these two styles, the hip belt pocket is relatively more minor in size, which can only hold snacks, phones, sunscreen, or any lip balm. However, some travellers consider the top lid pockets a matter of preference because they like a single opening for their things, such as headlamps and sunglasses.  

Attachment points

If you are a regular traveller with trekking poles or ice axe, you must look for that backpack with multiple attachment points attached externally. It would be best if you looked for the daisy chain, extra gear loops and crampon patch. For your reference, the daisy chain is those lengthy webbing stitched outside the backpack providing multiple loops so that you can attach your helmet, gears and other travelling hacks that do not fit inside the bag. On the other side, extra gear loops are used to attach oversized items. And crampon patch refers to the thicker material that keeps crampon points from digging openings in the pack bag.

Sleeping bag compartment

There is a portion beneath every backpack where you can attach your sleeping bag. It is an impressive and helpful feature as it does not require any unloading, reattaches from  the below compartment and is ready to go. Some people might not think about this and face many issues because they must unpack all their items to search for the correct item. Some might not consider this option before buying any backpack, but you will free yourself from multiple hustles if you do so.

Our best recommendations for best backpacks for plus size for travelling and hiking

1. Gregory plus hiking backpack

2.     Marmot Kompressor Plus 20L

3.     Osprey Ariel AG 55 Pack 

Gregory Packs is a well-known outdoor brand operating for more than 40 years in the market. Their backpack collection fit dozens of adventurers and hiker out there, by trusting their products at every level. [SA1] Their bags ranked from 45$ to 280$ and came in 2x to 6x size. The backpack’s hip belt is entirely adjustable, ranging from around 40 to 60 inches hip belt. In addition, the Gregory packs stepped into the market game and proudly announced their plus size backpack range to cater by adding more depth to their niche market. The best feature of this backpack is its excellent ventilation system which keeps the bag dry and cool; sounds impressive?



1. It comes in large and extra-large with different size builds.

2. The company sold these backpacks as unisex bags, which means women and men both can buy them.[SA1] 

3. The adjustability is out of the space as the large size can comfortably fit even the extra-large atypical body.

1. The accessibility is somehow limited on the trail.

2. The top lid of the backpack is not removable, which makes it uncomfortable sometimes.


Marmot is also offering their best plus-size backpack range starting from only 65$. The Marmot Kompressor plus pack is one of the best light-weighted packs, which means it will not slow your adventurous journey. They have also updated their backpacks with extra comfort padding while the Airmesh straps will keep all the things at their place. The finest details in the backpack are attached to its trekking pole work. As a result, it’s easier to grab



1. It is lightweight and highly reflective under any headlamp.

2. It has lots of pockets and has extraordinary holding capacity to anyone’s hydrated bladder.

3. It has a removable waist belt so that people can adjust according to their body shape and structure.

1. It is not durable for a long time, according to some customer’s reviews.

2. Compared to the other backpacks, it lacks quality which sometimes compromises comfort.

3. It has a poor hydration slot and is overpriced.


The Ariel AG series has some great thru-hikes expeditions for their backpacking range. However, what excites most of its users is its anti-gravity technology which is highly customised and itself an innovative feature. Where no other considering the plus-size community as their target audience, here, the Osprey provides its anti-gravity technology to its plus-size audience, making it more comfortable and capable for long hikes and adventures. It can carry up to 40lbs to 60lbs and cost 250$ to 450$. 



1. It is lightweight and has a heat mouldable hip belt that comforts long trails and heavy loads.

2. It has a removable divider and is zipped with the sleeping bag section. 

3. It has a convenient convertible top lid and can be successfully transformed into a properly functional day lid.

1. With its innovative feature, some people find it very difficult to handle for the very first time.

2. It does not come with any rain cover, so you have to buy it separately. 


Editor's choice

We recommend you go for the Gregory plus hiking backpack because of its splendid features. As compared to other backpacks, it has more rich features due to its comfort and hauling abilities. What is more, its pocket and top lid design are some of its comfortable designs. We always recommend you those products that are best, comfortable, and pocket friendly.


A backpack for plus-size people is still very difficult to found, but we have tried to provide you with an insight regarding the products that will best suit you. For example, one product has anti-gravity while the other has more flexible spaces. Of course, before taking any essential and crucial decision, there are numerous factors you must consider, as discussed in the blog. But, with many alternatives available, one can quickly select a solution that works best to meet your unique demands.

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