Are Tumi Backpacks Worth It?

The Rich History Above is a depiction of the first shop. Not an actual image. Tumi backpacks boast a storied heritage, taking immense pride in their early craftsmanship and innovative spirit that has accompanied them since their inception. From their modest beginnings as a carefully curated store with exceptional fabric choices, particularly the pioneering ballistic […]

Are Herschel Backpacks Water Proof?

Are Herschel bags water proof?

Many of you wish to have water proof backpack to completely protect yourself from any troubles as you go for a hiking trip or simple hustle outdoors throughout your day. But the big question remains – Are Herschel backpacks water proof? No! They are not. But they are water resistant which gives you pretty much […]

How to Iron on Patches to a Backpack

Placing patches on your backpack can up your game. You can choose patches having logo of your favorite basketball or soccer teams, or a patch of your college varsity, or even go savage by putting up banners on your political candidate or party. Even as a traveler, you can reminisce the memories of your adventures […]

Best Backpack to use as a Diaper

When it comes to parenting, keeping all the baby essentials is the key. You  might be out shopping, visiting a friend or simply going out for grocery, the baby alarm can ring any time and you’d to rush to its aid. Having a well sorted and an organized backpack for babies can be your best […]

Best backpacks for plus size

Are you experiencing the little adventure or not having the right gear for your hiking? Until now, backpacks for plus-size people does not exist, but some brands promised to target the plus-size community by addressing their needs and requirements so that they can enjoy their hikes as others do. Unfortunately, people still consider it difficult […]

Best Backpacks for Weekend Trips

Now with the covid subsiding, you’d be eager to brush off your work worries for a bit and pick up your gear for great weekend getaway. To begin with all the preps, you’d surely need to pick the basic gear – a backpack to ensure you’ve got all your treasures with you. Our team as […]

Best backpacks to carry dogs

  Going on a hike and don’t want to leave your dog behind at the house?  Got a pooch that loves travelling with you, but you can’t keep up outdoors? Well, no worries because a handy and comfortable Dog backpack is the answer to all your concerns. A hands-free dog carrier backpack might sound like […]

Best Backpacks for Neck Pain

Pros and Cons Neck pain, among many reasons, can be a result of poor torso conditioning. If it persists for long, it can result in a rather serious and painful experience. The neck is a rather strong part of the body as it holds the weight of one’s head which is about 11 pounds. This […]

Best Backpacks For Day Trips

Daypacks are an essential, whether you are a student, an office worker, or a tourist moving around the city. While travel backpacks are bulkier and more complex with a great degree of features to them, daypacks are usually basic designs made to cater to everyday needs. They are found in almost every aspect of a […]

Best backpack for Beach

The perfect beach day is about planning well in advance. This means packing ample towels, bug spray, meals, sun care products, blankets and so on. Finding a quality backpack is the first step to organizing your beach day such that it all works out just as you had planned. Finding the best backpack for the […]