How to Attach Trekking Poles to a Backpack

Trekking poles can be immensely useful when navigating through a rough terrain. It can avoid ankle twists, helps in avoid slipping on wet surfaces and the strength and grip avoid fatigue to a certain extent. One cannot emphasize enough upon the importance of carrying trekking poles as you plan for an adventurous tour outdoors. We’d try to simplify the steps that can help you to properly understand in how to attach trekking poles to a backpack that you’d be carrying along. 

Try carrying a backpack with dedicated loops for carrying trekking pole

While selecting the backpack for the adventure, try opting for the one which already has dedicated loops attached for trekking poles, this would make carrying them very easy. If you got a trekking pole attachment like a hoop, you could loosen the hoop and insert the pole from above, balancing the bottom side of the pole with the backpack bottom so that it doesn’t pop out, and then tighten the loops to fix the pole with the backpack (keep the pole handle on top). Keeping the handle also helps the loops catch the pole in case it slides down, because of the thickness of the handle.


The backpacks having adjustable straps will come in equally useful, but an elastic loop ensure better grip and flexibility as you maneuver through your track or while you’re not using it. For adjustable straps, follow the same tips as mentioned above for elastic loops. 

Use the side pockets if the backpack doesn’t have loops

If you couldn’t get hands on a backpack with trekking loops, we still have a solution for you!


You can use your side pocket and compression straps to do the trick. Insert the trekking poles with the handle facing up, and through the compression straps, place them inside your side pockets. Don’t push them too hard to put a strain on the pocket, else they’d tear off from frequent use, just make sure they touch the end of the pocket. Tighten the compression straps to firmly fix the poles on the sides.

Place them inside your backpack

If you don’t have loops or side compression straps, or if they’re damaged or torn, we still can manage to carry the trekking poles. Place them inside the backpack. Shorten each pole so that they don’t poke out of the bag, but not to worry if your backpack isn’t that large, you can keep the zip slightly open while they stick out. Try to place them in any inside pockets, or small inner side pockets to give them a firm grip inside the bag and not allow them to rest firmly in one place.

If you cannot use any inside pocket, and your backpack is full, cover both ends of the trekking poles with socks so that they don’t damage the bag or annoy you while you’re trekking your way through the ruggedness. 

Get yourself trekking holsters to attach them

You can separately buy trekking holsters. You can wrap each around your shoulder straps and the backpack’s belt on either side. You can easily slide in and firmly fix the poles in these holsters and tighten them. This can conveniently convert any backpack into a trekking compatible, but it may get slightly uncomfortable as it’d come in front of you while you’re trekking with your backpack upon you.

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