How to Wash a North Face Backpack: 2 Easy Tricks

How to wash a north face backpack?

North Face backpacks are popular for their durability and versatility in utility. But of course, they cannot beat the reality of nature as it acts upon it while you hustle throughout the day with your great north face backpacks. Our simple guide over how to wash a north face backpack will help you beat the nature’s act on it and help you keep it clean and completely armed to facilitate you.

Can you wash a north face backpack?

The answer is YES! North face and many other popular brands
have washable materials that could be either hand washed or machine washed
pretty routinely to keep them tidy. North face backpacks are made of majorly
two different material categories – water resistant and water proof. They use
nylon variants and cotton which could be washed.

Disclaimer:  Read the Label

Read the care instructions on the label and be mindful of them while
applying our guidelines. Although we have carefully curated the steps to suit
the categories mentioned below, but just in case we have missed something or
your backpack needs a unique care owing to any of its features, you won’t make
any mistake and perfectly clean your north face backpack.

 Things you need:

  1. Mild Soap – avoid a soap with fragrances. A castile
    soap is quite suitable.
  2. Washing Sponge or a cotton washcloth.
  3. Soft nylon brush or a soft Tooth brush.
  4. Small bowl.
  5. Washing Tub

Machine Washing

Best for: cotton material backpacks, these are non-water resistant.

  1.  Create a dilute solution of soap and water in a small bowl.
  2. Gently spot clean the stains using a washcloth soaked in the solution of soap and water.
  3. Pour mildly cold water in the washing machine and mix it with the soap to create foamy texture.
  4. Remove any lose straps, metal frames, threads and close the zippers.
  5. Place the backpack in a mesh bag.
  6. Gently submerge the backpack in the washing machine.
  7. Turn on the machine on mild/gentle washing mode. Preferably use a hand wash or a delicate cycle if your machine has any of those.
  8. Upon completion, remove the protective mesh case and allow it to hang upside down with all the compartment upon to dry. Preferably dry your north face backpack in sunlight while keeping it inside out, sunlight is a perfect sterilizer to remove any bacteria and odor from the backpacks.

Hand Washing

Best for: nylon, parachute fabrics, or any water resistant or water proof fabrics.

  1. Pre-treat the stains by the usual spot cleaning using your sponge or wash cloth. Soak the wash cloth/sponge in the soap water solution prepared. Gently rub the cloth against the stains until they are completely removed.

    2.  Soak the pre-treated north face backpack into the washing tub. Prepare a soap solution in the tub using mildly cold water. Let it soaked for an hour.

    3.  After this soaking, gently rub the bag with the cloth or the tooth brush if you see any stains left. Meticulously clean the all the components like straps, zippers, small pockets or buckles.

    4.  Thoroughly rinse the soap water with clean water.

    5.  Dry the backpack with keeping it hung outdoors in sunlight, inside out, till it’s completely dried. We recommend drying in the sunlight as it helps naturally sterilize the backpack for any bacteria or odors.

We insist that you routinely give your backpack a washing session so the stains do not accumulate and becomes difficult to remove. Our simple process on how to wash a north face back will keep it up to date and increase its life.

Its best to immediately remove any stains with spot cleaning immediately when you notice one and do not wait until it’s all dirty.

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