Best Backpacks for Neck Pain

Pros and Cons Neck pain, among many reasons, can be a result of poor torso conditioning. If it persists for long, it can result in a rather serious and painful experience. The neck is a rather strong part of the body as it holds the weight of one’s head which is about 11 pounds. This […]

Best Backpacks For Day Trips

Daypacks are an essential, whether you are a student, an office worker, or a tourist moving around the city. While travel backpacks are bulkier and more complex with a great degree of features to them, daypacks are usually basic designs made to cater to everyday needs. They are found in almost every aspect of a […]

Best backpack for Beach

The perfect beach day is about planning well in advance. This means packing ample towels, bug spray, meals, sun care products, blankets and so on. Finding a quality backpack is the first step to organizing your beach day such that it all works out just as you had planned. Finding the best backpack for the […]

Best Backpacks for Laptop and Travel

Going for a weekend trip but still need to be connected with work? Realistically speaking, leaving behind your laptop is not much of an option most of the time. Regardless of your specific situation, having a backpack that works for both laptop and travel can be of great utility whether you are planning a weekend […]

Best backpack 50L

There are a great number of 50 liter backpack options, making it a very popular choice for travelling, hiking, and trekking. For air travel in particular, it is important to check the maximum legal carry-on luggage allowed for air travel as most official guidelines do not allow 50 liters as carry-on luggage. The 50L options […]

Best Backpacks for Air Travel

Wondering whether to buy a backpack for your next trip? Confused between a backpack or the usual luggage roller? Here’s why a backpack might be a better option: a backpack is freeing, versatile, usually lightweight, and provides much more flexibility than a regular luggage roller. Not only are all your essential belongings within an arm’s […]

Standard Backpack Sizes – A Complete Guide

What does backpack sizes in liters mean? How to know what size you would need? There are plenty of backpack options in the market, ranging from sizes, fabric, adjustability features, and much more. Because of the plethora of options, choosing the right backpack can be a really tricky task. However, before even plunging into questions […]

Best Backpack for Gamers

Best Backpacks for Gamers

Gaming laptops are probably among the coolest tech devices one can own. However, they come at a heavy cost and their maintenance requires the same. For one, they are heavier than the average laptop. Moreover, they come with much more accessories that are both expensive and precious. Therefore, not only is it the laptop that […]